Nexio® mCAPTURE™

Compressed Media Stream Recorder

Nexio® mCAPTURE™, NX1011MC, is a compressed media stream recorder that extracts, formats and records individual programs of 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 color-space MPEG-2 or H.264/AVC video, and compressed or SMPTE 302M audio, along with embedded ancillary data when that program is delivered via an MPEG-2 single- or multi-program transport stream.

Using GPI, internal schedule, native API or VDCP-based automation control, programs are selected from single-program or multi-program transport streams delivered on either DVB-ASI-C or Gigabit Ethernet IP physical links. Content is stored as either MPEG ISO-compliant “Program Stream” or LXF files for interoperability. Content can be written to the optional internal storage of mCAPTURE, to a network NAS or via Ethernet connection to a Nexio® server system. Content can be trimmed and formatted using a nonlinear editor such as Velocity XNG™ or a third-party product. The captured and trimmed files can be played out on either the Digital Turnaround Processor™ (DTP™) or Nexio® server systems.

Applications for the mCAPTURE product include capture of occasional-use satellite feeds; store and forward of media from the Selenio™ video networking platform or DTP™; and capture of content for archival purposes. mCAPTURE supports ASI and IP inputs for flexibility. Auto-increment of IDs is also supported, which is extremely useful in crash record situations or when recording periodic events. Device control for the compressed media stream recorder is provided via Ethernet using a cross-platform web-based JAVA UI.