Nexio® Ingest Control Manager

Ingest Workflow and Device Control System

Broadcast operations are under growing pressure to increase workflow speed and more efficiently handle the increasing volume of content. That pressure translates into one important necessity — productivity.

With Nexio® Ingest Control Manager, (ICM) Imagine Communications delivers an ingest solution for Nexio storage area networks that achieves broadcasters’ requirements for workflow speed, capacity and productivity.

Providing scheduled recording of line feeds and news services, ICM controls server channels, tape decks, routers and frame synchronizers. Device control is via Ethernet or RS-422. The application includes auto-increment of IDs, which is extremely useful in crash-record situations or when recording periodic events. Loop record, batch digitizing and sub-clipping provide additional operational benefits. ICM v2 adds support for multiple Nexio server domains, including scheduled protection records on different domains. Fast Cue and Timecode Restripe functions add speed and flexibility to your operational workflow.

ICM consists of a hardware device controller and a software client application. The client can run on the device controller or on a networked PC. The system is highly versatile — it communicates as a device server via Ethernet to IP-ready hardware (such as Nexio AMP® servers and Imagine Communications’s X75™ or X85™ synchronizers), and via serial ports to other devices such as routers and VTRs. The following equipment can be controlled and monitored simultaneously from one ICM:

  • Up to 24 Nexio server channels over LAN
  • Eight serial tape decks (VTRs) via RS-422 protocol
  • 16 Imagine Communications’s X75 or X85 synchronizers
  • Eight routers (up to 1024 x 1024)

With the power of ICM, one operator can manage the ingest of multiple content feeds. Server-centric features include automated or manual recording, looping records, automatic switching, subclip creation, trims, audio input and output control, clip renaming and crash recording for fast-breaking news stories. The ability to simplify complex tasks, such as simultaneously controlling eight batch-digitizing sessions from tape, underscores the ICM solution’s power to efficiently streamline a broadcast station’s workflow.