Quota Management and Thin Provisioning

Simple, Scalable and Flexible Quota Management and Provisioning.

File-based data continues to grow at an astronomical rate—nearly doubling each year—making the need for optimized data storage solutions more important than ever.

To help enterprises maximize the long-term value of their critical business data and drive down storage management cost and complexity, Isilon offers SmartQuotas: a simple, scalable and flexible quota management and provisioning software application that integrates with Isilon’s OneFS® operating system.

Quotas and Thin Provisioning
SmartQuotas allows administrators to control and limit storage usage across their organization and provision a single pool of Isilon clustered storage to best meet their unique storage challenges. Using SmartQuotas, storage administrators assign quotas that seamlessly partition a highly scalable, single, shared pool of storage into easily managed segments, with industry-leading flexibility for quotas at the cluster, directory, sub-directory, user and group level. SmartQuotas spans across the entire cluster, regardless of the number of nodes, enabling IT managers to easily administer storage from a single point of view while supporting growing storage demands.

SmartQuotas’ thin provisioning capability allows administrators to present more storage capacity to applications and users than is physically installed. Administrators can limit their actual physical storage resources to what is only needed today, and automatically add storage resources on-demand to meet changing business requirements tomorrow.

Storage capacity can be automatically increased with minimal administrative overhead, so enterprises can purchase less storage capacity up front, defer capacity upgrades to match actual business usage and save on power and cooling costs associated with keeping unused disk capacity spinning.

When actual capacity begins to approach its threshold, SmartQuotas’ simple, configurable notifications inform administrators that more storage is required—Isilon IQ storage or EX nodes can then be joined to the cluster in less than 60 seconds. The result is unprecedented pay-as-you-grow flexibility and value for enterprises struggling to cost-effectively keep pace with rapid storage growth.