Nexio® Ingest Suite

Baseband and File-Based Ingest

Nexio® Ingest Suite is the latest software-based innovation for media companies’ ingest operations. It provides compelling tools for media companies that are looking for a flexible and efficient method of getting content into their facilities, enabling simplified baseband and file-based ingest as well as uploading material from XDCAM/P2 products, all from a single user interface. Based on standard IT architectures, customers can run the program on existing hardware, avoiding expensive technology investments.

Media companies desire simplification, flexibility and efficiency from their content operations that allow them to ingest video into their facilities in a more consistent and easy manner. Nexio Ingest Suite lets customers be more dynamic in their operations, providing capabilities such as file-based browsing and stitching services, dragging and dropping jobs throughout the timeline, amending or altering ingest, and scheduling recurring events.

When integrated with Imagine Communications’ innovative Nexio Studio Suite and market-leading Nexio video servers, users can more easily manage video assets that have been ingested and utilize them for live and studio-based production environments. These key ingest and studio functions are combined in a simplified user interface, enabling centralized video and metadata management as well as a seamless transition between legacy and next-generation software-based toolsets. These toolsets are compelling for customers looking to add file-based ingest to an existing system, or to expand their existing baseband toolsets with more advanced features.