Nexio® MOS Playlist Manager

MOS Playlist Software

The Nexio® MOS Playlist Manager (MPLM) is a key component of the Imagine Communications NewsForce™ HD/SD news platform. Used in conjunction with the Nexio MOS Gateway, MPLM parses rundown information from the newsroom computer system (NRCS) into playlists that drive Nexio AMP® server channels to play stories to air.

In addition to its play-to-air duties, MPLM works in conjunction with the ActiveX plug-ins that expose the Nexio server’s high- and low-resolution MediaBase in the NRCS user interface.

The MPLM dynamically extracts information from the Nexio MOS Gateway about video clips attached to stories in the rundown. That information dynamically generates playlists for display on the Playlist Manager screen, and cues the selected content into Nexio playout channels. Playout of the channels is driven from the trigger panel, GPI or keyboard.

Multiple Playlist Managers can operate on the same rundown, enabling system redundancy to sustain on-air operations. In addition, redundant backup channels can be configured to follow operations of the primary channels to provide fault tolerance at the server level.