Versio™ IOX Scale-Out NAS SINGLE

Economical Solution for High-Performance Scalable NAS Storage

Versio™ IOX Scale-Out NAS SINGLE is an economical, entry-level storage solution designed for smaller applications that do not require high availability. It is ideal for customers who have a SAN, but need to move to a NAS to accommodate editing applications, or for customers who eventually want the higher performance of a Scale-Out NAS — but with a lower initial investment.

Delivering cost-effective, sharable and scalable storage throughout the content lifecycle, Versio IOX Scale-Out NAS SINGLE allows customers to enjoy the benefits of NAS, such as the simplicity of a single entry point and the lower scaling cost of Ethernet rather than expensive Fibre Channel.

A Versio IOX Scale-Out NAS SINGLE filesystem has a single controller active/active pair that manages the entire namespace. Its single-stack simplicity allows for easy configuration and does not require additional elements to manage. However, controllers and disks can be added to the system as separate volumes or shares, with the addition of an asset-management layer to move and duplicate media between volumes.

Versio IOX Scale-Out NAS SINGLE delivers numerous real-world benefits:

  • Simplicity – Single point of access to administer one scale-up stack of storage (to the user it looks like one drive)
  • Reduced operational costs – Inexpensive Ethernet connectivity for all server nodes and clients; no Fibre Channel needed
  • Flexible capacity & bandwidth — Allows scaling of storage & bandwidth as business needs grow, without affecting existing media or interrupting on-air operations
  • Cost-effective entry point for NAS —  Stepping stone to the ultimate benefits of Scale-Out NAS
  • Faster time to air - True shared storage access facilitates collaboration and eliminates file copying, providing a fast-turnaround editorial environment
  • Reduced capital expenditures — Provides an economical entry-level storage solution, yet allows pay-as-you-go expansion (up to 8 expansion disks / 800 TB usable)
  • Easy to manage — Allows unattended drive rebuilds, supports remote monitoring and diagnostics, and includes an informative web user interface