Versio™ IOX Scale-Out NAS

Multi-Petabyte-Scalable, High-Performance, High-Availability Online Storage

Versio™ IOX Scale-Out NAS is a powerful, easy-to-manage storage system optimized to support high-bandwidth, high-volume, high-availability requirements for end-to-end media workflow operations. An evolution of Imagine’s existing shared storage offerings, Versio IOX Scale-Out NAS is designed for larger, higher performance and advanced production environments, including news sports and live-event applications,

Versio IOX Scale-Out NAS offers the highest performance storage solution with multi-petabytes of storage, as well as the highest levels of scalability, availability and digital asset protection.  As the only N+1 Parity-Stack Petabyte M&E solution on the market, Versio IOX Scale-Out NAS provides high availability at a fraction of the cost of other available storage systems. In addition, this high availability is exceptionally energy efficient for a greener product.

Versio IOX Scale-out NAS Storage solution powered by EditShare EFS, the scale-out file system and storage software platform provided by Imagine’s technology partner EditShare, a leader in intelligent shared storage and media management solutions. The file system features multiple controller active/active pairs, which contribute their attached storage to a single namespace storage pool.  As more controllers and storage are added, increased performance and capacity is achieved without adding shares, mountpoints, or volumes.  Versio IOX provides the fastest client recovery in the event of catastrophic storage loss and the highest level of service SLA on the market.

Versio IOX Scale-Out NAS is especially suitable for media workflows and advanced production environments where extremely large quantities of data for are used. This high-density storage system allows an unlimited number of metadata servers for infinite performance and redundancy, with no disruption to on-air operations.

Versio IOX Scale-Out NAS delivers numerous real-world benefits:

  • Flexible capacity & bandwidth – Allows scaling of storage & bandwidth as business needs grow, without affecting existing media or interrupting on-air operations
  • High availability — Provides high workflow protection for continuous broadcast operations, with enhanced recovery mode in the event of multiple and simultaneous failures 
  • Faster time to air – True shared storage access facilitates collaboration and eliminates file copying, providing a fast-turnaround editorial environment
  • Reduced capital expenditures — Provides an economical, high-availability NAS Solution, yet allows pay-as-you-go expansion
  • Time saving – Save time administering as single system regardless of size
  • Easy to manage – Allows unattended drive rebuilds, supports remote monitoring and diagnostics, and includes an informative web user interface for storage statistics and health status
  • Reduces operational costs — Supports inexpensive Ethernet connectivity for all server nodes and clients; no Fibre Channel needed
  • Exceptional performance — Hardware RAID features storage pools and tiering, to avoid performance degradation