Networking & Infrastructure

Videotek® DTD-A19B2

2RU Digital Time/Date Display

The Videotek® DTD-A19B2 Digital Time Display is a versatile, multi-featured, time code-driven time and data display.

The unit is capable of displaying multiple formats of date and time including: 3-digit DOY (Day of Year), 12-hour (with PM indicator) time and 24-hour time as HH:MM:SS. These devices decode IRIG-B and SMPTE linear/longitudinal timecode (LTC) formats to function as clock displays. IRIG-B decoding supports the 1 kHz modulated and unmodulated formats. SMPTE decoding supports 30 f/s, 25 f/s and 24 f/s NDF (non-drop frame). Standard power connection and BNC connection for the LTC are provided. Configuration of the DTD-A19B2 TCD is available via the USB interface and a Windows®-based application, DTD-SET. Configurations will be retained after a power cycles.