Networking & Infrastructure

Magellan™ NMS Network Management System

Complete End-to-End Network Monitoring and Control

The Magellan NMS network management system is a powerful monitoring and control solution ideal for the IPTV, satellite and broadcast industries. Designed on an open architecture using industry-standard interfaces such as SNMP, Magellan NMS enables you to effectively manage your entire operational ecosystem — from signal acquisition to signal delivery. With this easily scalable platform, you can confidently expand an existing system to a corporate-wide deployment or grow a regional operation to a global one.

No longer will a multi-user, multi-vendor environment pose a monitoring challenge — Magellan NMS is easy to use and delivers a network-wide view of your system, from essential real-time data interaction and trend analysis to professional alarms management. Featuring an intuitive user interface, this web-based tool can be accessed from any location at any time.

With Magellan NMS, you receive the benefits of a distributed architecture. A set of NMS agents are interconnected via a TCP/IP network — there is no central server to manage, no single point of failure and no processing bottleneck.