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Clean and Quiet Switcher for Selenio™ MCP

Video processing and routing applications often require frame accurate switching of signals to ensure that service level agreements are maintained and superior visual quality is always achieved.  Critical uncompressed program paths (full speed, high quality) require switching between sources without causing any visual or aural disruptions – and these switches also must not cause disruption to other downstream destinations.

Imagine Communications is introducing the new Clean and Quiet Switcher (CQS) module for the Selenio MCP frame, bringing new capabilities to the already extensive feature set of the Selenio MCP product line. The Selenio CQS includes video processing to ensure all video switching is glitch-free, while audio processing is provided for quiet switching. Inputs are synchronized so that the outputs are always clean, with no disturbances, enabling the highest level of visual quality and accuracy.

The flexible Selenio CQS can be configured in one of two ways: as a 4 x 4 switcher or as two 2 x 2 switchers. Inputs are frame-synchronized to the main reference via the Selenio MCP frame controller module so that even asynchronous sources can be cleanly switched. For minimum delay applications when sources are synchronous, a minimum delay mode is available. The output maintains a consistent and constant signal stream, eliminating any downstream disturbances. In addition to a simple switch or cut between sources, users can also select a transition such as cross fade, V fade, fade/cut or cut/fade. The CQS module supports a rich set of control protocols, making it easy to integrate into a larger routing and automation system.

The Selenio CQS is ideal for on-air source switching – using manual or automated control – as a back up to a master control switcher. The dual 2 x 2 configuration enables the user to simultaneously switch HD and SD sources into HD and SD outputs. The versatile CQS can also be utilized as a quad-channel SDI (HD or 3G) frame synchronizer with embedded audio processing. In this case, there can be four different program signals or quad link SDI (HD or 3G) for UHD video signals. The CQS also can be used as a simple switcher for on-air transitions under automation control.