Networking & Infrastructure


Conversion of 204 byte ISDB-T BTS to/from 188 byte DVB ASI format

The Selenio IPZ6800+ module facilitates easier transport of streams over DVB network equipment. It converts 204 byte ISDB-T Broadcast Transport streams (BTS) to/from a 188 byte DVB format. Additionally, it can encapsulate a 188 byte DVB stream for transport over an IP Network. The IPZ6800+ extracts single- or multi-program transport streams from signals received from ASI or IP inputs. It can take in an ASI input (as a BTS which is an MPEG-2 compliant transport stream using 204-byte packets at a fixed rate of 32.507937 Mbps) and convert it to IP, or it can take in an IP input and convert it to ASI.

The IPZ6800+ Compressed BTS over IP Video Gateway:

  • Encapsulates ASI into Gigabit Ethernet
  • De-encapsulates ASI from Gigabit Ethernet

Transmit Mode: In transmission mode, the IPZ6800+ maps ASI into IP packets and applies Forward Error Correction (FEC) to ensure the highest possible level of quality in network throughput.

Receive Mode: In receive mode, the IPZ6800+ receives IP and uses Forward Error Correction (FEC) as needed, to reconstruct the original ASI stream.

The IPZ6800+ provides a card edge control for basic Ethernet IP address provisioning. Thereafter the provisioning process may be completed using either Magellan™ CCS Navigator, or Magellan™ CCS Navigator provisioned with the board’s IP address.