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Satellite Receiver and Demodulator Module

The SRC6800+D satellite receiver and demodulator is a cost-effective alternative to more expensive single-function satellite demodulation units.

This feature-rich module resides in the 6800+™ frame and fully interoperates with other modules in the extensive line. The SRC6800+D is capable of receiving a variety of satellite signals and provides an industry-standard ASI output for distribution or decoding.

The SRC6800+ extracts either a Single-Program Transport Stream (SPTS) or an entire Multi-Program Transport Stream (MPTS) from signals received through the unit’s RF or ASI inputs. The resulting transport stream is presented to external equipment through the module’s three ASI outputs. When hard-wired to other 6800+ series modules in a 6800+ chassis, the SRC6800+ can provide a complete satellite reception solution.

When used with an IPA6800+, these two modules provide a complete ‘Satellite to Video on IP’ solution.

When used with an MFD6800+, these two modules provide a complete ‘Satellite to H.264 or MPEG-2 Video’ Decode solution.