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HD Utility Downconverter, Q-SEE™-Compliant

The HDC6800+AD is a reclocking high-definition/standard-definition serial digital video distribution amplifier and utility downconverter with SD-SDI and composite analog outputs for the 6800+™ core processing platform.

The HDC6800+AD can accept HD-SDI component video inputs with embedded audio and ANC data, with auto-detectable/user-selectable input standards.

The main output path provides downconversion to a user-selectable output standard. The HDC6800+AD can convert from HD-SDI 720p and 1080i component video to SD-SDI 525/625 component video. In the conversion process, the audio and ANC data are delayed to ensure synchronization with the output video. Additionally, the HDC6800+AD will provide a secondary path for reclocked HD/SD-SDI signals