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AES Digital-to-Analog Audio Converters

The DAC6800+ series is a family of high-precision AES digital-to-analog audio converters for the 6800+™ core processing platform that can accept one or two AES inputs, either balanced or unbalanced, and convert to two or four analog audio outputs respectively.

High-quality, 24-bit conversion is supported, along with a variety of other flexible features. Two versions of this module are available:

  • DAC6800+BCA4D: converts two AES inputs to four analog audio outputs (66 ohms)
  • DAC6800+BCA4ZD: same as above, except provides 600 ohms output impedance

Designed for use in any professional/broadcast installation needing to integrate both AES digital and analog audio sources, these modules are ideally suited for converting AES into analog audio for recording on VTRs, or for input to other devices only supporting analog audio. Another application is cost-effectively monitoring AES feeds by converting them to analog for use with existing analog speakers.

The DAC6800+ modules can be controlled at the card edge, or controlled and monitored via the CCS Navigator™ software applications, HTTP web browser, or third-party SNMP-based control applications.