Networking & Infrastructure


Intelligent Single Switchover for HD/SD/ASI Sources

The ACO6800+ switchover module is designed for the 6800+™ core processing platform and provides both the primary and backup paths critical to maintaining uninterrupted video and audio signal flow.

Multiple versions of the ACO6800+ are offered to suit the varied redundancy needs of broadcast and production facilities, OB trucks, satellite operators, cable headends, and mobile TV and IPTV operations.

The ACO6800+ is available as a single- or dual-channel module that provides switchover capabilities from the primary to the backup path in the event of a signal failure. In addition to the basic switchover module, the ACO6800+ is also available as an intelligent Q-SEE™-compliant module that monitors video, audio and metadata at ingest, checks levels for consistency and scans for errors.

ACO6800+ISD Intelligent Single Switch Automatic Switchover

Provides QSEE-driven 2×1 signal protection.

Switches signals between redundant signals at the point of ingest into a satellite DTH, mobile TV, or IPTV facility