Networking & Infrastructure


Simple, Flexible Processing Module (SD/HD/3G/ASI,HDMI,DVI)

The SFP6800+D is a simple, flexible processing module with six SFP cages that can be populated with coax, optical or HDMI.

This versatile 6800+™ module can function as a simple fiber transmitter or as a receiver with an HDMI extension device linked to a small monitoring router. The SFP6800+D has a 12x12 agnostic crosspoint that is ideal for any configuration, and the intuitive 6800+ web GUI enables quick and easy management of the module.

The SFP6800+D can be pieced together by adding individual SFPs to the standard module. Offering control of what cages are in use, SFPs are enabled based on a credit system. (Note: Refer to the SFP series section of the web page on how to put together a flexible 6800+ module with SFPs.).