Networking & Infrastructure


Selenio Networking Module for SONET/SDH/PDH Networks

The Selenio SEL-2NET1 module enables broadcasters and telecom operators to use circuit-switched transport networks (OTN, SDH/SONET, PDH) to transmit and receive video, audio and corporate IT data between two Selenio chassis.

The Selenio SEL-2NET1 module supports OC12/STM-4, OC3/STM-1 or DS3/E3 optical interfaces. These interfaces can be configured using asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) circuit connections for legacy networks, or Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) encapsulation for achieving higher bandwidth utilization and connecting to newer IP networks.

Each module supports up to 240 video channels and up to 16 LVAN IDs. It also provides Gigabit Ethernet interfaces that can be used to bridge other Ethernet traffic across the WAN link.

In order to bridge the gap between legacy networks and newer IP networks, the Selenio SEL-2NET1 networking module delivers a full complement of features in a space- and power-efficient footprint, and resets the standard for simplicity during the transition from legacy circuit-switched networks to packet-based IP networks.