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Intelligent Frame Sync with Advanced Audio Processing Capability

The Selenio™ SEL-1FS1 and SEL-2FS1 modules provide single-channel and high-density dual-channel video frame synchronization with audio timing for 3G/HD/SD/3D signals. These modules are ideal for any broadcast, post-production, cable or mobile facility where processing and synchronization of NTSC/PAL, SD (480i, 576i), HD (720p, 1080i, 1080p) and 3D video and audio (embedded and/or discrete) signals are required.

The SEL-1FS1 and SEL-2FS1 can retime an I/O signal to a local station clock for the clean processing of all synchronized signals. Signal processing functions include processing amplification, color correction, clipping and logo generation/insertion.

The unique Rules Engine capability puts custom video and audio signal management into the hands of the user so that specially modified code does not need to be uploaded. Any video and/or audio input scenario can be detected with the user determining processing required for the output.