Selenio™ One XC

Next-generation MPEG-2/H.264 transcoder for high-quality service delivery
Powered by Zenium

Selenio™ One XC is a software-based addition to the next-generation Selenio™ One compression platform, which offers media companies a single solution for performing a range of encoding, transcoding, and related processing operations. Powered by Zenium™, Imagine’s pure microservices-based technology, the Selenio One platform can be deployed in different physical implementations to optimize for density, quality and cost, with all Selenio One elements controlled by a common user interface for operational efficiency.

Selenio One XC is optimized for both primary and secondary distribution, enabling content owners and video service providers to improve operational efficiencies by delivering more channels over existing distribution infrastructures. The software-only, cloud-native nature of Selenio One XC, with its ability to run on Linux-based virtual machines, also enables media companies to support both premises- and cloud-based deployment models.

Initially targeted at providing video service providers with high video-quality, highly efficient linear transcoding capabilities, Selenio One XC supports any-to-any H.264/MPEG-2 IP-based transcoding, as well as an optional multiplexer to provide bandwidth-conserving statistical multiplexing of expensive or bandwidth-constrained distribution channels.