Telurio™ Origin

Origin Server

Our software-based original content server provides high-speed, cache-efficient live streaming to set-top boxes and multiscreen devices.

Multipurpose, high-availability content server for a variety of adaptive streaming applications including packaging, just-in-time packaging, and ad insertion.

To maximize efficiency and speed of delivery, video service providers may wish to deploy their own content servers separate from a content delivery network (CDN) provider, as the CDN can be susceptible to overload requests, timeouts, or poor video quality.

The Telurio™ Origin server provides a convenient, economical, and robust solution for video service providers to stream content to multiple devices directly or via a CDN. Whether used as an edge cache, a cache-based streaming server, or an origin server where original content can be delivered directly to end users, the Telurio Origin server can offload content requests from third-party or Imagine streaming servers such as Telurio™ Packager and be used to serve ads in Imagine’s Dynamic Ad Insertion solution.