Ad Management

xG Billing™

Unified Billing and Financial Management

As the complexity of multi-product advertising increases, many media sales organizations are dealing with a fragmented advertising business, multiple financial operations, manual, duplicate workflows, and frustrated customers dealing with multiple departments and invoices.

Imagine Communications xG Billing™ unified billing and financial management software helps solve these issues by streamlining multi-platform advertising into a single financial system − increasing efficiency while improving customer satisfaction and laying the groundwork for growth. Simplify revenue management across your business with a single, unified system that uniquely enables you to fully monetize relationships, manage, track and assess customer performance, and generate higher revenue across your business.

Tame the complexity of multi-platform advertising with a single, unified solution. Increase advertiser satisfaction and optimize profit potential through more robust, efficient and automated workflows with xG Billing. Leverage enterprise-level scalability and extensibility that embraces customer-driven change, with a unified system synchronizes multi-product back-office for revenue projection, billing, collections and account management