Ad Management


Advanced Traffic and Billing for MVPDs

As a multichannel advertising sales operation, you’re at the center of the Information Revolution — where television converges with the Internet and digital media. To effectively compete, it is important to find new ways to manage the dynamic, complex advertising environment with efficient, complete control over every aspect of the ad delivery process, while offering advertisers the ability to easily reach their audience.

Imagine Communications’ Novar™ traffic and billing software solutions deliver a system that keeps you ahead of your competition and on top of your bottom line. Sell, schedule and maximize your advertising inventory in new and innovative ways to align with the way you want to sell. Novar software offers a complete solution to support multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) including cable MSOs and telcos of any size, leading to lower cost and enhanced efficiency.

Novar has been designed specifically to increase your advertising sales bottom line through increased performance, enhanced efficiencies and improved productivity, while offering advertisers greater value for their advertising dollars.


  • Fast, robust database architecture with an intuitive user interface
  • Real-time inventory and scheduling
  • Cutting-edge e-commerce capabilities with electronic orders, messaging and invoices
  • Advanced reporting capabilities that give you the competitive edge


  • Manage virtually unlimited contracts, clients, tape libraries and more - Novar’s largest users manage well over 5,000 insertion channels ... and are still growing!
  • Import sales automation software contracts electronically, directly into the system - Advertising Sales Managers can validate the order, and then Traffic can schedule the spots with little or no data entry
  • Import detailed, pre-entered programming schedules for the most popular networks - Download a year of programming all at once, at lightning speed, without keystrokes
  • Schedule contract lines by specific program name or type - Schedule spots for a golf shop into all golf shows on the ESPN cable network during a specified span of weeks, or schedule spots for a family water park into all “Rugrats” episodes
  • Set up “Road Blocking” in your schedules to maximize the simultaneous reach of client spots across all zones
  • Create network and zone groups - Set up groups of networks or zones (headends), and then schedule spots according to a group instead of a single network. For example, create schedules across multiple networks (“Sports” or “Kids”) or across multiple zones (“South Suburbs”) with a single entry
  • Automate lengthy tasks with the Zone Information Processor (ZIP) Scheduler - Schedule multiple zones one after another, run revenue projections, create logs and generate a variety of reports
  • Schedule interconnect spots seamlessly with Novar’s complete functionality for handling virtually any interconnect — or interconnect-style — configuration
  • Schedule spots more precisely by assigning specific break preference and position preference, and by customizing your spot scheduling criteria
  • Manage ad copy with unparalleled flexibility using capabilities such as Ad Copy Groups, Ad Copy Start and Stop Times and rotation patterns, as well as days authorized and include/exclude networks
  • Insert up to 24 hours of continuous ad copy such as paid or local origination programming
  • Create custom report queries to manage and shape Novar’s data to meet your unique needs, or utilize the industry’s largest selection of standard contract reports, billing and commission reports, and management reports
  • Use Adaptive Scheduling to schedule continuously with more than 50 user-defined rules and weights to optimize inventory and improve efficiency
  • Adaptive Scheduling provides sophisticated scheduling features with automated placement, optimization and spot rotation
  • Optimize each ad within its ordered parameters, so that no other spot is unnecessarily turned away from the schedule
  • Evenly rotate spots across days and times ordered, or intentionally move spots for preferred advertisers to a favored rotation while still maintaining optimization
  • Establish business rules that mirror the sales organization’s primary business practices
  • Manage a high volume of orders, spots, channels and geographies
  • Manage ad copy rotation, ensuring the advertisers’ various commercials play as ordered
  • Keep the sales force up-to-date with an actionable view of unsold inventory
  • Automatically generate affidavits and invoices for a specific billing period based on the reconciliation process
  • Create standard or custom invoices that can include fees not associated with spot information
  • Send invoices electronically via the e-affidavit feature to reduce paperwork and improve accuracy
  • Create separate invoices for the same contract, splitting them by zone or by ad copy
  • Easily add pre-payments and late-charge adjustments - Novar analyzes your pre-payments and compares them to your outstanding invoices, and can automatically post to suggested accounts or you can manually post payments
  • Export business data such as contracts, payments and revenue projections into a separate database, spreadsheet or accounting package via Novar’s open database architecture
  • Optionally, automatically import payments from your lockbox for automatic cash reconciliation
  • Extend your capabilities with the available Report Management System module to view reports instantly on-screen, or output to XML, CSV, MHTML, PDF or Excel
  • Subscribe to reports that are automatically emailed at their defined time

The optional ProgramPlus programming service provides detailed programming information and formats for major cable networks

The available Gatekeeper eBusiness order exchange manages communication to external systems, including sales systems and traffic partners

  • Facilitate automatic ingest of orders and revisions from a proposal or contract system with real-time inventory clearance
  • Automatically retrieve posting information
  • Retrieve all reference data to keep sales and traffic systems in sync

Extend your system with additional modules for increased scheduling flexibility:

  • Log Amalgamator replicates a single schedule file for multiple zones and combines verification files from several zones into a single verification file
  • Log Merge provides the ability to combine an interconnect scheduling file and a direct zone scheduling file into a single file

Integrations and Specifications

Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

Channels Virtually unlimited
Clients Virtually unlimited
Contracts Virtually unlimited
Contract lines Virtually unlimited
Client tape library Virtually unlimited
Network breaks per day Virtually unlimited
Spots per break Virtually unlimited
Valid spot length Virtually unlimited
Remote access Available in many Novar modules using Remote Office options
Insertion hardware interface Compatible with all analog and digital insertion hardware
Data import Verification, sales automation software, network programming
Electronic Data Interchange Available via GateKeeper™ module for internal contracts, agency contracts, invoices, inventory and payments
Data export Open architecture (SQL)
Log generation Automatic
Scheduling Real-time scheduling with available Adaptive Scheduling system
Verification Fully automatic, backwards verification